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What is a Community Rail Partnership?

A Community Rail Partnership connects the rail industry, government and regulators groups, and local communities to help maximise the potential of the train service to serve those communities, and to maximise the usage of those services by that community. The TransWilts Community Rail Partnership The TransWilts Community Rail Partnership covers the route / service from […]

Some great opportunities to use the current TransWillts service

Summer 2015 … All through August, there’s an hourly service from Swindon to Portsmouth Harbour via Chippenham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Salisbury, Romsey, Southampton, Fareham and Portsmouth and Southsea. Alternate trains also call at Melksham. Days out via the TransWilts Shopping Swindon – Outlet Centre and Town Centre near stationChippenham – Town Centre and HathawaysMelksham – […]

Where does the railway get its money?

• From fares – “farebox”• On socially / economically supported services, from Central Government• In some areas from local council financial support. That happened for 3 years via a local sustainable transport fund (LSTF) grant from the Department for Transport for 2014 – 2016. The government funding is a two way thing, in that the […]

Life Quality and the Environment

Sustainability, the green economy, global warming and peak oil are all very fashionable at the moment. Using the TransWilts Railway line to connect the communities in Wiltshire and beyond ticks all these boxes – and it provides other very real positive results too in such diverse areas as health, safety, and life quality Some things […]

Is History bunk?

We can learn a lot from history – both ancient history, and from what’s happened as recently as last year or even last week – and we do so on the TransWilts; it’s called “learning from experience” and “not making the mistakes others have made”. But … this is NOT a railway line set in […]

What do we mean by Integrated Transport?

Just 1 journey in 5 that’s made on a First Great Western train does NOT is completed with the traveller walking to the station at the start of his journey, and walking to his final destination at the other end too. The other 4 out of 5 journeys involve some other form of transport – […]

Next Franchise

TransWilts service – planning for 2014 to 2028 The following briefing was updated in August 2013, when we were looking at a service improvement in December 2014. Little did we appreciate at the time how quickly things would move – “quick” and “rail industry” are not often bedfellows – but we managed to get all […]

Next Melksham

Melksham Train services for the next 15 years – to 2028 Train services improved – dramatically – on 9th December 2013. Up from 2 each way per day to 8 each way per day. And that’s a game-changing improvement. Station facilities need an upgrade – and thats started already. As this update is being written […]