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The TransWilts Community Area Partnership is a division of the TransWilts Community Interest Company. - See [here] for TransWilts Vision2020

Timetable May to December 2018 - download from [here]

Melksham Station, the way forward - presentation [here]
Service plan 2019 and beyond - proposal [here] and presentation [here]

27 June 2018 - Melksham Rail User Group (Town Hall, 19:30)
20 June 2018 - TransWilts Stakeholder Meeting, Trowbridge

The Route

The TransWilts runs from Swindon to Westbury and usually with a change of train on to Salisbury .... Some trains start back from from Cheltenham Spa or Gloucester and some carry on beyond Salisbury to Romsey and Southampton. On most, you need to change trains at Westbury.

Connections are available ...

At Westbury ... to Frome, Yeovil and Weymouth, to Taunton and the West Country, to Warminster, Salisbury, Sothampton and Portsmouth, and to Pewsey, Newbury, Reading and London

At Trowbridge ... to Bradford-on-Avon, Bath Spa, Bristol Temple Meads and Filton Abbeywood

At Chippenham ... to Bath Spa, Bristol Temple Meads and Weston-super-mare

At Swindon ... to Gloucester and Cheltenham Spa, to Newport, Cardiff and South Wales, and to Didcot, Reading and London

Train services


Trains leave Swindon at
06:10, 08:49, 10:47, 12:47, 13:29, 15:18, 17:36, 18:48 and 20:06 on Mondays to Fridays
08:36, 10:36, 12:36, 14:36, 15:22, 17:36, 19:36 and 21:06 on Saturdays
09:26, 11:28, 13:38, 15:28, 17:18 and 19:53 on Sundays

All trains call at Chippenham (18 minutes from Swindon), Melksham (27 minutes), Trowbridge (37 minutes) and arrive in Westbury after about 42 to 48 minutes.


Trains return (from Westbury) at
07:04, 07:33, 09:48, 11:47, 12:20, 14:14, 16:21, 18:32 and 19:32 on Mondays to Fridays
07:33, 08:22, 09:32, 11:32, 13:32, 15:06, 16:32 and 18:32 on Saturdays
08:28, 10:30, 12:30, 14:35, 16:20, 18:39 and 19:41 on Sundays

All trains call at Trowbridge (7 minutes), Melksham (17 minutes), Chippenham (27 minutes) and arrive in Swindon 43 to 50 minutes after leaving Westbury.

First Great Westerrn Timetables no. 1 (Central) and No. 3 (Central) shows the times at all stations. Onward connections on the Portsmouh - Cardiff line are shown in no. 3, and to London are shown in No. 3. There's a link to all the current timetables [here].

Addition trains run on the section from Swindon to Chippenham and on the section from Trowbridge to Salisbury. And you can connect between those two sections at Bath Spa - a longer journey that increases the journey time from Chippenham to Trowbridge from 18 minutes to about 45 minutes, and at a significantly higher fare.

This service of 8 trains 8 way per day started in December 2013 (prior to that there were just 2 trains each way - from Swindon at 06:12 and 18:44, and from Westbury at 07:04 and 19:35). This new service ran for a trial period of three years, but is now permanent.


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