Opening Day TransWilts Line Map
Connecting Communities, Connecting Businesses, Connecting Wiltshire

The TransWilts Community Area Partnership is a division of the TransWilts Community Interest Company. - See [here] for TransWilts Vision2020

Timetable January to May 2018 - download from [here]

Melksham Station news - December 2017[here]
Melksham Station, the way forward - presentation [here]
Service plan 2019 and beyond - proposal [here] and presentation [here]

6 April and 11th May 2018 - Pewsey Rail User Group (Bouverie Hall, 19:00)
25 April 2018 - Melksham Rail User Group (Town Hall, 19:30)
28 April 2018 - TransWilts AGM, Trowbridge



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